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Beds/ Services

Silver Beds

Enjoy a relaxing 15 minutes in this entry level tanning bed that other salons would consider an upgrade. These Low Pressure Silver Beds have (32) 100-watt lamps with a higher B-ray, designed to accelerate melanin production. It will take 8 - 10 times to develop a base tan in this bed, followed by 2 - 3 times a week to maintain it. This bed has a 7% UVB.


Gold Beds

The Medium Pressure Gold Beds feature a higher ratio of UVA to UVB than our Silver Beds. That means you develop a tan faster with a bed that is better for your skin, Just 5 - 8 times to develop your base tan and then just once or twice a week to maintain that healthy glow. Total UVB in these beds is less than 3%. These beds are guaranteed to take you to your next tanning level!


Gold Stand-Ups

We have 3 Gold Stand-Up Beds, and they will knock your socks off. They are quick and effective and desgined to tan those hard to reach places like the pressure points on your back. Total UVB in these beds is less than 3%. Just 5 - 8 times to develop a base tan and then once or twice a week to maintain that color.  Even if you usually like to lay down, it's nice to do a stand-up bed here and there, to get a 360 clean-up for any areas missed by a lay-down bed.


Diamond Bed

For the ultimate tanning experience, our Diamond Sunsport Bed is the only way to go. High Pressure tanning will give you a faster, deeper, longer-lasting tan in just a few short sessions. High Pressure Beds require only a couple sessions to establish a base tan, and then it's one or two visits a month to sustain that sun-kissed color. Think of all the valuable time you will be saving! The best thing about High Pressure Beds, they have less than 1% UVA which means NO BURNING!!!!!  Please note, we have the only High Pressure Bed in a 30 mile radius, don't fall for any IMPOSTERS!!!


Airbrush Spray Tan

Airbrush Tanning is a unique approach to a UV Free tan. Professionally applied by our staff, the personal attention ensures uniform coverage of the sunless tanning solution that will transform into a natural looking golden tan. Airbrush tanning can create everything from a lovely facial tan, to dark sexy legs, right up to a full body tan. It's ideal for a special occasion or any occasion you want to be special! Call to make your Spray Tan appointment @ 651-388-7838.


Infrared Sauna

Use an Infrared Sauna just prior to tanning for amazing results and a little me time. Infrared Therapy works very similar to using a tingle lotion. The warmth from the sauna opens up your pores and increases blood circulation. The increased blood flow, forces the melanin to the surface of the skin. When you follow your sauna session with a tanning session, the melanin is right there waiting to pop and give you the best tan money can buy! Try it today! A Single Sauna Session is just $8. For the WOW factor, try an Infrared Session followed by a Diamond Sunsport Tan followed by a Spray Tan. Go ahead, impress your friends and do something nice for yourself. Appointments must be made for Sauna Sessions.


Red Light Therapy

Say Goodbye to Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Scars, and Cellulite with Red Light Therapy! Red Light Therapy is one of the few ways to gently and effectively reduce the signs of aging and the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a natural, non-invasive way to improve the condition of their skin and overall health. Red Light Therapy helps problems close to the surface of the skin.  Clinical studies show that wrinkles, age spots, scars, stretch marks and cellulite becomes greatly diminished by this skin rejuvenation.  Kari says, "If it works for the women on The Real Housewives, it can work for you too!"  The number of suggested treatments are 3 thirty minute sessions a week for 12 weeks and then twice a week afterwards for maintenance. While results vary, customers can typically expect to see a more even skin tone, smaller pore size, reduction in fine lines and a healthier overall appearance in their skin.