Get Tan Red Wing
127 Danforth Ave South Red Wing, MN 55066

Phone: 651-388-7838

Salon Hours:

Monday - Thursday 9 - 8

Friday 9 - 7

Saturday 9 - 3     Sunday 12 - 4 (Oct - May)


Salon Staff

Kari & Scott Bennis - Owners

Our original Get Tan opened in 2003 in Farmington.  Get Tan Red Wing opened in January, 2006.  Kari is originally from Red Wing, and we are very proud to be part of the Red Wing business community and business owners for 20 years!



Alison has been part of the Get Tan family for years as an employee and a customer.  She is Smart Tan certified and Spray Tan certified and our resident Administrative Assistant.  Alison can be credited for those monthly calendars, daily specials and brochures. She pays particular attention to detail.  Alison is also a fantastic chef and mother!



Tiff has worked part-time for Get Tan for over 10 years.  She is super-high energy and super-fun.  Tiffany is Smart-Tan certified and also a Spray Tan master.  Tiff is our handy-girl, she can fix almost anything.  However, if it's too involved, we can always ask Scott. 



Lindsay has worked for Get Tan off and on since we opened in 2006.  Lindsay is Kari's cousin, so even though she may not always be on the schedule, she is always a keyholder and available to help out in a pinch.  Lindsay is Smart Tan certified and always wears a SMILE!!!



Jack started working at Get Tan as a bed cleaner, but now works the front desk as an on-call employee since he lives in Farmington.  He is great to have around, because he knows a lot about Get Tan.  Jack is Scott and Kari's only son and has been around the business all of his life!



We affectionately call Rhonda DEVA, pronounced DIVA. She is our Data-Entry Verification Assistant.  She checks over all new client information to make sure everthing is correct.  She also double checks most written work to ensure accuracy.  Rhonda is used to checks and balances, as she works in accounting at her day job!!!  



Has worked in tanning for 4 years, but has been a tanner for years.  Dollie is Smart Tan Certified and our Lotion Guru!  When Dollie isn't working, you may find her on a beach somewhere.  She is an avid traveler, and frequents Arizona and Florida.  Lucky Girl!!!



Nae tanned at Get Tan the very first day we opened in 2006.  She has learned a lot about tanning and has actually become our resident expert on Spray Tanning.  Another fun fact, Janae is very interested in purchasing Get Tan.  Look out, she may soon be the new BOSS!!!



Robin began working at Get Tan in November of 2020, although she has tanned with us for quite some time.  Robin is a busy girl, besides her full-time job, she has also worked at the American Legion for many years.  We are very happy she finds time to work for us as well!!!

 Meet Tanya and Hunter, our Mother/Daughter Duo. Mom started working at Get Tan a couple years ago and Hunter started as a Bed Cleaner.  Now, they both work the front desk.  Best part about that?  If Tanya can't work, Hunter will fill in and vice versa.  Works out Swell!!!